bash: remove files interactively
2019-02-23 2019-12-30 00:22:41


Q: How to remove files interactively so that one is prompted for each file before the final deletion.

A: use the rm command with the -i option.

remove interactively all files which match Pattern "*_160x120"

rm -i *_160x120


admin1@erazer:/tmp$ rm -i *_160x120
rm: Normale Datei 'bild029.f15a3c6ded0213f91604e90830a3f902.jpg_160x120' entfernen? j
rm: Normale Datei 'bild036.3df230bc879330b8084f11b45cca3aa8.jpg_160x120' entfernen?  […]

bash: read File into Array
2019-01-13 2019-12-30 00:22:22


Q: how to read a file into array with bash?

A: use mapfile


// file to read

// create array `aMimeType`
mapfile aMimeType < <(cat "$sMimeTypeList" | grep -v "^$");

// test outputs
echo "${aMimeType[@]}";         # all
echo "100: ${aMimeType[100]}";  # just the 100. entry
~~~ […]

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