password matrix

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Deutsche Version: Passwortmatrix

This password matrix helps to create passwords. There is no need to remember complicated passwords consisting of upper/lower case, special characters and numbers. You only have to remember one coordinate and one character length: coordinate + number of characters. Done.

  1. Print out this page.
  2. Select coordinate.
  3. Specify the number of characters.
  1. Select coordinate.
  2. Specify the number of characters.

Reading direction clockwise: As long as possible, read to the right, then further down. If you can't go down, keep to the left. If you can't turn left, continue reading upwards.


  • A23-8 [Starting point is A23, 4 characters to the right: A23 to A26, now read 4 characters further down: B26 to E26]
    Note on the characters used
  • Digit zero: 0
  • Digit one: 1
  • Small letter "oh": o
  • Capital letter: "Oh": O
  • Small letter "ih": i
  • Capital letter "Ih": I
password matrix