dynamic visualization of consumption of chars in input elements with jQuery in relation to the value of a maxlength attribute
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IN1, 2023-04-10 14:16:28

Update 2018-02-17:
There is a newer and updated Blog Post to this. Please read: jQuery maxlength visual Feedback

dynamically visualize a current input char consumption considering the related maxlength attribute value of HTML5 <form> input elements such as<input> and <text […]

Creating SEO friendly URL
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IN1, 2023-04-13 16:07:38

Deutsche Version: String SEO optimieren (creating SEO friendly URL)

This is about how to create a SEO Friendly URL from a string with a PHP Function

The function seofy () below creates a friendly version of a string. Umlauts and other characters not contained in the ASCII character set are either reduced to the basic form equivalent […]

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